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 NightWhispers Rules

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PostSubject: NightWhispers Rules   NightWhispers Rules Icon_minitimeWed Feb 28, 2007 6:53 pm

Clan NightWhispers Rules

1. No Alternative Characters. Alts take away your time on your main character, and take away your chance to be active in the clan. Due to the fact that this is a 5x rate server, some people tend to reroll once a character hit lv70+. It is ok to reroll, but you have to withdraw from the clan with your character that you no longer will be considered as your main character (which you spend your most play time on). You must notify Clan Leader before you decide to reroll.

2. AFK botting is against the server rules so it is agains clan rules too. If you are caught botting you will be kicked if you are not already banned.

3. Donít trash talk others. No trash talking on shout/general/trade/clan....any chat. After 2 warnings you will be kicked from the clan.

4. Do not insult your clan mates. You donít agree 100% with what others have to say, thatís OK. State your difference with your fellow members in a calmly manner. If you cannot do so at the time, do not speak at all. It is forbidden to insult clan mates in PM, clan chat, or any other ways possible.

5. It is an important duty for all clan members and leaders alike to be active in clan forum. We are from different parts of the world and there is the thing called time zone. Most likely we will not all be online at the same time. Forum is the best way to communicate without being online all the time, therefore it is mandatory for members to register on forum, read it AT LEAST daily, and in some cases, reply and exchange information.

6. Listen to command when PvP. The one's who don't listen to the clan/party leader will be kicked after 2nd warning.

7. NightWhispers members always come first when making a party. If in a mixed party and clan mates needs you, appologize, leave the party and join NightWhispers party.

8. You can not have 2 chars in 2 clans!!! If you have 2 chars in 2 clans you must decide in which clan you wish to stay.

9. Dont forget all full drop belongs to Clan, of course you can keep it if you need it but still if you dont need give to other clan member that need or put in cwh.
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NightWhispers Rules
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